In our online shop you will find research material published in CD, booklet and microfiche formats. CDs are designed for PC systems and are NOT compatible with Apple MAC systems or on Linux (although they may run under Wine we offer no guarantees). Microfiche (Fiche) require a microfiche reader. Many libraries and Record Offices have microfiche readers. If you are in any doubt about the format or contents of any item please contact the Publications Manager at the Society before ordering.



Some items in the shop are supplied by 3rd party suppliers (this is likely to be a local history society or an individual who has done local research within Buckinghamshire). For these items Bucks FHS will process your shop order but the items will be dispatched by the 3rd party supplier.

You will also find in the shop search vouchers for baptism,marriage and burial database searches. Please visit the main site first and complete a search request form and obtain a quotation for your search requirements before purchasing any vouchers.

Society Membership can also be purchased through the shop whether a new membership or to renew an existing membership.