New members will receive a confirmation e-mail with their membership  number which they will need to register on the website. 

New members will also receive a 'New  Member Pack' through the post except for those  who have opted for On-Line membership, .

Membership runs 1st Jan to 31st Dec - members joining after 1st Oct get membership for the next year

Buckinghamshire Family History Society
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Membership of BucksFHS

A - UK Membership to 31/12/2020 - Individual

Membership for those resident in the UK. To 31 Dec 2019. ...

Sales price: £10.00

B - UK Membership to 31/12/2020 - Family

Family Memebership to 31/12/2020 - For those resident in ...

Sales price: £12.00

E - Overseas Membership to 31 Dec 2020

Overseas Membership to 31 Dec 2020. For those with a postal ...

Sales price: £14.00

W- On-line Membership until 31 Dec 2020

Please use this voucher if you wish to pay for online ...

Sales price: £6.00