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"These transcriptions have been invaluable to me in distinguishing between the numerous members of the Parrott family, from which I am descended. The amount of detail for some entries has helped me greatly."

"Excellent coverage, very easy to use, many different formats. Found entries I had missed in the original registers!"

"These transcriptions are the most helpful aids to researching ancestors ever, especially when one is not local to Buckinghamshire"

"I have had lots of CD's from societies but nothing like I have just received. It is a great piece of software so easy to use. The info is so comprehensive"

This unfortunately means that it has not been published yet. There could be a number of reasons why a specific parish has not been published and we are not able to give any estimates on when parishes will be published. An alternative is to have a search done, please see our research page for details and how to order.

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